These are
Perma-Liner at
work.  The
Perma-Liner was
injected into these
samples of pipe
with simulated
breaks and gaps.  
Perma-Liner fills
these areas with
ease, creating a
smooth and
seamless new pipe.
Serving Macomb & Western Illinois Since 1944 !
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Injecting New Pipe:
Certified Perma-Liner operator and
Hollister EP&H owner, John Purdy is
inverting new lining into the existing
house drain permanently stopping
tree root infiltration & pipe
The home owners can now rest
assured that their basement is safe
from waste water flooding for
generations to come.
Saving Beautiful
The homeowners of the house above
considered their front yard tree to be
more than a beautiful addition to
their home, they also valued the
shade it provided and the value it
added to their property.  Saving the
tree and keeping the yard intact
were very important priorities from
the start.
The Perma-Liner system was the
perfect to solution to their concerns.
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Serving Macomb & Western Illinois Since 1944 !
Hollister is now a Certified Perma-Liner Installer!
Hollister is now a Certified Perma-Liner Installer!
No More
Avoid cutting
through streets
and sidewalks,
digging up well
landscapes, and
losing valuable
trees, and shrubs.  
Repair existing
pipe with a new
liner that is
stronger than any
previous system.
Water. It’s the very essence of life.
We all too often take it for granted. But
did you know that all of the water that you
currently use in your daily life is
constantly recycled. There is no "new"
water. So you can imagine how easy it is
for the water we drink and bathe in and
use to wash our clothes to be ... well, not
as clear and clean as we'd like it to be."

Nature's Miracle™ Water Conditioning
System changes all that. It provides a
healthy alternative to improving the water
you and your family use to live.
Hollister is proud to now offer Nature's Miracle
Water Conditioner.
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Indoor Air Quality Systems
Dust dancing all around
you? Is the sight of mold
making you green?
Whatever problem you're
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Healthy Climate solution.
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